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Not Just for Men… began as a free, man-generated ecard site where a man can say fuck no to politically correct cards by creating his own in a quick 3-step process. Design. Create. Send. It’s can be provocative, irreverent, zany, rude, crude, sometimes sentimental, insightful, and often politically incorrect.

What’s surprised us the most is that more than 50% of our growing fan base are women.  We fucking love that since we love women.  So welcome everyone and create mancards!

So Who The Fuck are the Responsible Adults Here?

Truly a child of the sixties, our founder admits that, unlike former President Clinton, he did inhale…and frequently.  He’s been irreverent about most things in life since birth and is now a bon vivant and full time curmudgeon (look it up) while getting fat from his government entitlements that are bankrupting future generations.He’s proud to have fathered his last son at 51 and looks forward to letting that son provide him a cushy retirement since the Republicans want to take his Social Security and Medicare away. Let him know what the fuck is on your mind at



The Mechanic

The founder’s partner and right hand man is the mechanic and designer of the site.  He keeps the machinery working and is the first one to catch hell when the site crashes. He’s an IT professional who’s played in the big leagues on the Internet, knows his shit, loves cigars and brandy, is a terrific dad and husband and loves ribald humor.  He’s the one who keeps the founder grounded.  What a great fucking team!



Keeping an Eye on the Shop

My name is Mo and I am the official mascot of and watch over these crazy guys.  Mostly though, I just snooze while the founder cracks himself up creating these cards and laughing at silly shit he finds online.

Most of the time I just dream of licking my balls but, alas, unlike the founder and many in the Mancards community, I can only dream I had a pair.  So if you’ve got a pair—or not— create some Mancards.  You’ll thank me later.


Official Mancards car

Yes, the founder is old school and loves British cars especially his 1957 Morris Minor (his 4th Morris).  He loves driving down the Pacific Coast Highway with a  gorgeous woman sitting next to him, making all the guys wonder how the fuck an old hippie can get such a beauty next to him.  Nobody said life was fair.

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