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Terms of Service/Privacy


We encourage creativity and coloring outside the conventional lines, but there are a few housekeeping items you need to sign off on before you pick up the crayons and set yourself free. By using our site you are agreeing to the rules (Terms of Service). So please read these Terms of Service carefully as they govern your access to this site and our products. If you don’t agree, don’t use the site.

1. is a website intended to be used by mature audiences and for sharing with a growing like-minded community: It is not meant to be used for any illegal purposes.
2.     You must be at least 18. How we wish we were again with what we now know!
3.     To create cards you must register for an account that is exclusively yours. And, no, we don’t kiss and tell regarding your account info: We value your privacy. Our privacy policy is that whatever info, such as email, etc.  you give us is not shared with anyone.  If anything changes in our privacy policy, we’ll let you know.
4.     No death threats to anyone. The only threatening we want to do here is to challenge the status quo with humor and free speech. Beside it’s against the law. (See point #1) Yes, we do monitor what’s posted to make sure the user experience and standards we have committed ourselves to be maintained.
5. reserves the right to block anyone or entity–without notice– from using the site based on eligibility/Term of Service criteria, which may change at our discretion and without notice.
6.     Once you post your cards in your account we may use them and you grant us the lifetime right to use these cards and/or content as we see fit and without compensation or attribution.  Once you save your cards, they remain in your private account for you to share or post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or wherever:  And if we like a card you’ve created, we may chose to feature it on our home page without attribution.
7.     All content you access at is for personal use only and not for any commercial purpose without our okay.
8.     We’ve spend a lot of time finding what we believe are public domain, royalty-free images, illustrations and photos. We’ve also purchased images, illustrations and photos—as well as created our own—and have been granted use of such for But hey, we’re human and if you believe we are using content that is under copyright, please let us know at and we’ll get it squared away.
9. may change these Terms at any time, which includes the Privacy Policy and any other agreement that are a part of this site.
10.     There may occasionally be third-party content we sometimes post on the community blog, links to other sites, etc. So by using you may be exposed to what you consider indecent or objectionable content over which we have no control; we assume no liability over omissions, warranties, false information, etc. from such. If it bothers you, don’t use the site.
11.     When you use this site, you agree to indemnify, and hold harmless, (mancards media, llc), and everyone involved in it, no matter how remote the connection, from liability, loss, damages, costs and expenses, lawyer’s fee, etc.  You also agree that’s total liability to you from any action or theory of liability will not exceed $100.
12.     If there is legal action it will be governed by the laws of the State of California under jurisdiction of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, State of California; you agree that this is the venue for legal disputes and claims.
13.     Any legal action or claim arising from the use of—or related to—under this term of service must be initiated within one year from the cause of the action or it’s forever barred.
14. does use cookies to better analyze site use, preferences, we can make the site even better.
15. owns its logo and characters and cannot be used without our okay.  If you use any third party logo or content on the site, you must have their permission.
16.     You can terminate this agreement by not using the site and/or notify us of such.  We reserve the right to terminate your use of the site at any time at our discretion.
17.     We promise not to call you “user”, “consumer” or “visitor”; we’ll stick with man.  Hey man, that pretty much does it.

Wow! Congrats for reading all this stuff and knowing the rules. Now go out and enjoy and say what you really want to say!

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